Utopia – a world in which can never happen. Where everything is perfect and there is not conflict or “bad” things. Everybody has a different perception of what perfection is, so it can never be.

Definition and origin – A Greek word means a perfect place that does not exist. Sir Thomas More wrote a fiction on a perfect country showing what was going on in this country but did not give reasons why that could or could not happen.

Dystopia – the total opposite of a utopia. No one is happy and everything is confusing.

My utopia:

Everyone is free to be whoever they want to be. Purple hair, homosexual, coloured, quite, loud or even a zombie clown. And everyone accepts it. Everyone does what makes them happy. But there is wrong, people have ups and downs. For example: People fall into depression, but they always get out of it and they see the world better than they did before. You can’t know what true peace is without war, or what true happiness is without pain. You see my utopia is not all that different. Just there is more acceptance and appreciation. It’s also a world where people accept the apologies they never get, and everyone has a lot more common sense.

No one is put down for anything. If they want to drop out of school that’s fine. People will encourage them not to but will accept their final decision. To be honest it’s all about equality. And better politics. This community would grow together as one to make the world an even better place to live in. I’m not sure if this world would hold up for that long. Because there will always be at least one person who will try and wreck it for someone else, causing a chain reaction, so on and so forth. But even if it doesn’t, the time that it lasted would be bliss to everyone who experienced it.

Oh and did I mention that there are dragons and fairies? Yeah! Superheros too!… and the star wars galaxy is next to ours.



Our world – it does reflect a utopia in some ways. Well we are happy, it’s not like everything is absolute terrible the whole time (*cough* school *cough*). But in many ways it reflects a dystopia. There is devastation in many parts of our world right now and many people are in pain. But our world is not a total dystopia. The thing I would change about our world is the corruption of leaders. Most people don’t know what to do with themselves without a leader to follow. And it’s no secret that the people who control the world are doing things that they shouldn’t (if I went into detail I would have to write a novel) and I feel that’s something that will change our world for the greater good.

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